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Bracket & Adjustable Kickstand: Nintendo Switch Lite


Introducing our new Bracket & Kickstand made for the Nintendo Switch Lite - the perfect accessory for anyone who's always on the go! With this innovative product, you can enjoy hands-free convenience wherever you go, without having to worry about finding a flat surface to prop up your device.

The design is designed to securely hold an upright position, making it ideal for gaming, watching videos, in-game cutscenes, and more. It's compact, lightweight, and easy to use, making it the perfect companion for gamers at home or on the go.

Any Angle

Fully Adjustable Kickstand

The kickstand can be detached/ re-attached easily whenever you need it. When installed, you may adjust it to angle depending for the most comfortable viewing angle on any flat surface. Perfect for watching cutscenes or when your hands are tired holding the Nintendo Switch Lite from a long game session!
Full Compatibility

Nintendo Switch Lite

The Bracket & Kickstand is designed for the Nintendo Switch Lite to fully integrate a fully function kickstand to its original design.
Free Flow

Free Flowing Air Vents

The Bracket incorporates vent ducts that align with the heat exhaust vents of the Nintendo Switch Lite so that ventilation can function as normal and unobstructed to keep the device nice and cooled.
Industrial Plastic Injection

Precision Manufacturing

Made of reinforced PC polymer via industrial plastic injection, the bracket and kickstand are built to last, withstanding everyday wear and tear. The featuring kickstand can be snapped on or off at anytime easily when you need it.

Kickback and Enjoy the Scenes

Watch videos and cutscenes hands-free, while playing more comfortably on any surface.


Thin and Lightweight Design

The kickstand is versatile and can be taken off while travelling or other accessories such as power banks using our other adapters for the mount.
Aligned Perfectly

Snap-on Bracket

The bracket is easy to install! Simply line hook up the top part of the bracket, align it with the power and volume buttons. When ready, push the bottom part of the bracket. It will fit snugly!
Comfort without distractions

Minimalistic Design

Our team of skilled designers and engineers combines their expertise to create the Bracket and Kickstand that is tailored to the Nintendo Switch Lite.

 Nintendo Switch Lite Adjustable Kickstand