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Full Bracket Attachment Bundle: Nintendo Switch Lite

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Product Description

This comprehensive package is specifically crafted as a 'pocket knife' of attachments capable of holding a wide range of accessories of your choice, such as kickstands, power banks, storage wallets, docks, and more. It is designed specifically for the Nintendo Switch Lite, catering to all your gaming needs.

The package includes a complete system bundle that offers full customization options for your device setup. Once the bracket is attached to the device, it serves as a base for easily attaching or detaching other accessories using the push spring lock design.

The components can be creatively combined in various ways to construct the ultimate gaming station that suits your needs.

What the Pack Includes

  • 1x Bracket Latch (for the Nintendo Switch Lite)
  • 1x Universal Latch (3M Adhesive)
  • 2x Fully Adjustable Kickstands
  • 1x MagSafe Adapter
  • 1x Tablet Mount (3M Adhesive)

Bracket Latching Unit

The Bracket acts as the core foundation to be installed before the other attachments can be utilised - it grants you complete access to leverage all the included accessories, unlocking their full potential. It has been meticulously designed to integrate effortlessly with the handheld, adding negligible weight and thickness to the handheld.

Mounting directly onto the device, simply snap-on the Bracket Latching Unit onto the Switch Lite.

Universal & Bracket Latching Unit

On the other hand if you want to continue using a case, you can you use the 3M Adhesive Universal Latching unit at the back of the case. Once installed it will act as the base for all the included accessories.

The 3M reinforced adhesive will form a strong bond onto the case.

The MagSafe Adapter

This adapter offers exceptional versatility as it can effortlessly connect to a wide array of accessories that are compatible with MagSafe compatible technology.

The ever flexible MagSafe Adapter! Mount any compatible accessory! Snap & go

Snap-on & Lock-on

Is so easy to install the MagSafe adapter. Simply line up the locking mechanism to the bracket and snap-lock! The MagSafe will be ready to use with any compatible accessories.

Mount Any Compatible MagSafe Accessories!

MagSafe wallets and card holders are popular to store game cartridges, SD cards & cables! The MagSafe adapter offers users a vast ecosystem of compatible accessories available to choose from to pair with our adapter!

Limitless Possibilities!

*Pelican MagSafe Wallet for Demonstration Purpose

Ideal for viewing cutscenes

Using a magnetic stand for resting your device with ease

The Adjustable Kickstand

The kickstand can be effortlessly detached and reattached whenever necessary, allowing for convenient customization. It also provides effortless angle adjustments, ensuring a comfortable and optimal viewing experience.

The kickstand attaches perfectly onto the Bracket Latch

Adjust your ideal viewing angle using the Adjustable kickstand.

3M Adhesive Universal Tablet

Utilize the Adhesive tablet to securely attach any desired accessory to the console, opening up a world of limitless possibilities for connectivity.

A normal power bank can be converted into bracket system

The 3M Tablet can be attached to anything! Lets try an earphone case!

Have your earphones ready whenever you need them