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Backbone One Controller - Replacement Playstation Symbol Buttons


Substitute the original XYAB buttons on the Backbone One controller with the universally recognized PlayStation symbols.

Ideal for PlayStation players who primarily utilize the controller for PS4/PS5 Remote Play, this controller is designed to match its physical layout with the original setup of the intended games.

Constructed from reinforced fiber polycarbonate, the Backbone One controller features enhanced rounded edges to maximize comfort.

The installation process is straightforward. Just remove the back plates of the Backbone One controller to access the right side, which is secured by four screws. From there, you can easily remove the original XYAB buttons and replace them with the new ones.

**Get ready for an exciting update! The buttons are specifically designed to be compatible with the Gen1 versions of Android and iOS. We are currently working on designing and manufacturing buttons for the Gen2 controllers, which will be available in the near future!**

Easy Swap

Simple Installation

You can effortlessly replace the original XYAB buttons with the PlayStation symbol buttons by simply using a small screwdriver to remove the back shell.
Correct Button Mapping

Remote Play at its Best

One of the standout qualities of these buttons is their exceptional ability to accurately map and synchronize with PlayStations, particularly when engaging in gaming sessions through Remote Play. This ensures seamless compatibility and an optimal gaming experience.
Free Flow

Retro PSX Styling

To capture a nostalgic retro gaming vibe, the buttons draw inspiration from the iconic buttons of the original PSX era. This design choice creates a charmingly rustic aesthetic for an immersive gaming experience.

PSX Conversion Buttons

Factory Injected polymer

High Precision Manufacturing

Crafted using industrial plastic injection with reinforced PC polymer, these buttons are engineered to endure and withstand the rigors of daily usage, ensuring their longevity even in the face of regular wear and tear.
After Manufacturing Finish

Smooth Texturing

The buttons feature a carefully designed textured surface that offers just the right amount of grip for comfortable pressing. The texture strikes a perfect balance, allowing for smooth transitions between buttons while providing the necessary tactile feedback.

Backbone One Replacement Buttons